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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Superintendent Greene, open mouth, insert foot.

 First, let me say being the superintendent of a large school district must be an incredibly hard job, a job made a lot harder by a state that often works to undermine public education, that being said, shouldn't we want our super to do that job well? Or should we go, you know it's a tough gig, so I guess we should be happy somebody showed up. I prefer the former, and without a doubt, Greene is not doing the job well.

So there is a lot going on, so please try and bear with me.

Last week, insurrection Barbie, April Carney, despite the superintendent being a dutiful little mom for liberty, threw Greene under the bus, basically accusing her of closing classroom libraries as a political stunt to embarrass Manny Dias and DeSantis. This is silly because anyone who is paying attention knows it is run-of-the-mill DCPS incompetence.

Then this week DeSants, while visiting Jacksonville, despite the fact Greene has asked how high over and over again, when Desantis has told her to jump, through Greene under another bus, with some first rate gaslighting on his part. He knows the vague bills and lack of direction from the state were going to cause chaos, and in fact, he counted on it. Want some proof? DCPS has been clearing libraries for a month, and we didn't get a peep out of little boot until he made his way to Jacksonville. 

That would be worthy of its own blog until Greene opened out and inserted foot.

At a DCPS board meeting to discuss books, Greene said some interesting, and by interesting, I mean alarming and racially insensitive things.     

Greene said, when reviewing Captain Underpants, it should only take you five minutes (um, what ?!), but then it got worse from there. Captain Underpants should only take five minutes to review unless it's Mexican Captain Underpants because then, clear the calendar and break out the magnifying glass and Spanish-English dictionary because themes based on the Mexican culture, well we all know how dubious they can be. Books for white kids are great and easy to review; books for kids of different ethnicities, well they can can be problematic. 

Yes, I did put my little spin on above to try and make it a little funny because if I don't laugh, I might cry. The thing is, check out the video; it's even worse because it's a fifty-something-year-old woman who should know better, painfully showing us she doesn't.

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