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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Instead of cutting taxes, Rick Scott should invest in Bright Futures.

Rick Scott has said he wants to cut taxes by 500 million. Now before you get excited I hope you understand none of that money is going to go to trickle down to you. Instead it will got Rick Scott’s friends and supporters.

Well what if instead of cutting taxes for his friends he instead invested in Bright Futures which has been slashed. 

Bright Futures allows many kids to go to college something they might not be able to do otherwise and for other kids it helps assure they don’t graduate overburdened by debt. This is a great thing for Florida and helps strengthen our economy.

Quite often Tallahassee plays lip service to education saying how important it is but then enacts policies that harm our children and limit their access to a high quality education. Charters, vouchers, merit pay, odious teacher evaluation bills and cutting Bright Futures all have detrimental consequences to education in Florida.

If Rick Scott is sincere about wanting to help the children of Florida, especially it’s poor and minority children, who are disproportionately affected by slashing Bright Futures (and many of the other ed reforms too) then instead of giving his friends and supporters a tax break he should invest in their futures.

If he is sincere that is.

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