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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pam Stewart likes common core so much that she seems to be willing to mislead the people of Florida about it.

She has been commissioner for a little less than a month and already she has had issues with being honest with the citizens of Florida.

First she suggested we rebrand Common Core, which is controversial and has brought together strange bed fellows on both side of the debate. But is it right that in an attempt to quell some of that controversy she direct the Florida department of education to change the name? The thought must be that if they can’t convince you to get behind Common Core maybe they can fool you into thinking it has gone away.

Then she was either deceptive or ignorant about the price of Common Core, neither of which bodes well for us. She said she didn’t believe we would incur any additional costs where everybody else thinks it will cost us hundreds of millions of dollars, which is a pretty big disparity there.  

I get it she’s a Jeb Bush sycophant and wants it but is it right for her to be deceptive to the people of Florida. Shouldn’t she try to sell it on its merits (if it really has any) rather than attempt to change the name and hide the cost? Don’t the citizens of Florida deserve to have all the information and not be subjected to misdirection and tricks?

Thus far it doesn’t seem like Mrs. Stewart thinks so.

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