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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rep. Manny Diaz, attempts to stifle debate, really bad or worst ever representative?

Oy vey, first this guy has so many entanglements with charter schools that he routinely introduces legislation to benefit it's amazing he just isn't hiding in the back of the room counting his money. Is it chutzpah, hubris, or is it he just doesn't give a $%#@. 

From Political Fix Florida: A high-profile lawsuit challenging a school choice program opposed by many Democrats has prompted GOP lawmakers to file legislation that could limit funding for future legal challenges.
Under proposals in both chambers, an association that receives 25 percent of its revenue from the state would not be able to use that money to sue the state.
House sponsor Manny Diaz, R-Miami, said that a contentious lawsuit filed by a handful of education groups challenging the state’s Tax Credit Scholarship program prompted him to consider the bill.
“I would say that is an example of a misuse of taxpayer dollars,” Diaz said. “The taxpayers are going to shoulder the burden of that lawsuit on both sides.”
A misuse of tax payer money, hmm like Carter schools are? John Thrasher tried to something similar a few years back when he proposed school board members go unpaid and union's no longer be able to collect dues. He said then and Diaz is saying now if you don't go along with us, we'll chop you off at the knees.
Diaz is the worst type of legislator going, he is offensive. 

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