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Monday, February 4, 2013

1300 Florida private schools take public money, only 1 takes the FCAT

And they volunteered to take it.

I don’t doubt many of the kids at these 1300 private schools that take public money are getting a good education but the question is how do we know? These private schools lack accountability measurements.

Florida screamed accountability when they introduced the FCAT, grading schools and changed the teacher evaluation process but for some reason they give the private sector even when they take public money a pass? How does that make sense?

I’ll tell you why they do it; public school teachers’ staff public schools and the Florida Legislature is at war with their representatives, the teacher’s unions and they are pulling out all stops to undermine them even if children are caught in the crossfire.  Follow the money, the charter school lobby and the voucher lobby support the republicans in the Florida Legislature and the unions don’t.

But regardless on which side you fall on; don’t you want to know that your money is being spent fairly and wisely?  Don’t you care and don’t you want the Florida Legislature to care too?

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