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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Times Union, correct, incorrect, what does it matter?

When responding to a comment about the TU suing for teacher’s evaluation scores, Editor Kurt Caywood said:

This is not a question of whether the Times-Union wants to be correct or incorrect. We at the Times-Union and seek to ensure that citizens have access to information that is theirs, and that will not happen in this case without our efforts through the government and the legal system. We seek to facilitate a thorough and thoughtful examination, and that can’t occur without access to the foundational data, which the state seeks to keep under wraps.

This may have just been an in-artful response but I would hope the Times Union only goal was to get information right. He also doesn’t mention that the public already has this information available. All they have to do is go down to the School board building and request it.

Another poster, Isosceles had the following to say: To be accurate, Kurt, the Times-Union "seeks to ensure that citizens have access to information" that the TU thinks is theirs. Obviously, the teachers' union and the Education Department's general counsel, don't think the information is public; that it may be exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Law; and, and the trial judge is willing to listen to their arguments. Instead of trying the case on facts and argument presented by folks who are interested in the matter, but who disagree with the TU, the paper would rather cut them off at the knees and try the case on its facts and only its view of the law. Is this how truth is found at the Times-Union today? If the TU is so confident of its position, it will be easy to convince the judge that the union is just flat out wrong.


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