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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Florida Legislature snubs their nose at Parental Choice

What?!? You ask. Chris have you lost your mind?!? All they talk about is parental choice. Yes, you are right but unfortunately their actions don’t match up with their words.

I will briefly mention the return of the Parent Trigger legislation. They are bringing it back despite the fact overwhelmingly parents are against it. To learn more read just about anything I have posted over the last 72 hours.

A larger issue however is how they have usurped local control of school boards from locally elected school boards. Who do they think elects local school boards: snowbirds and carpetbaggers from up north, who don’t have any skin in the game when it comes to local education? Is that why they feel the need to continuously and contemptuously over ride school boards on charter school matters and continue to pass and introduce bills that erode their control, what they can do with their buildings and how to evaluate their teachers for example.

The truth is it is parents who choose local school boards. I don’t always agree with their selections, not even close, but I would rather have locals in charge than far off bureaucrats many of whom are beholden to charter, voucher and on-line learning company interests. 

Whenever the Florida legislature snubs it nose at or erodes local control, they are saying to parents, you can have all the choices you want as long as you choose the options we are giving you. 

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