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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tony Bennett, education commissioner or Karnak?

Tony Bennett having just been kicked out of Indiana, one states trash is another’s treasure has been on his best behavior since being appointed Florida’s commissioner of education. However like a leopard can’t change his spots Mr. Bennett’s lack of acumen for education issues really showed through on the subject of teacher evaluations.

In the Orlando Sentinel he said, his office was looking at "how we put those two data points together, educator effectiveness and the performance of the building?" Apparently he doesn’t understand how the two data points aren’t designed to match up. Not slowed by his lack of understanding Tony Bennett showed his amazing Karnak like skills.

He continued saying, some of the discrepancy may be resolved once the state sets "universal" scores for the value-added data. For the first year, each district set its own standards, and many tried to be as generous as possible to their teachers.

Um, how does he know that? Has Mr. Bennett been to all 67 districts and met with all 67 superintendents’? I don’t see how he could have been what with him being at Jeb Bush’s beck and call. Of course not, which means at best he thinks Florida’s teachers are really overrated. Thank goodness districts covered for them right?.

The more Bennett talks the more people realize he’s not a good fit for Florida and his concerns don’t lie with our teachers and children and after what happened to him in Indiana it doesn’t take a Karnak to realize it.

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