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Sunday, February 17, 2013

What the Times Union doesn't want you to know about the Parent Trigger

When writing about the return of the Parent Trigger legislation, Matt Dixon wrote, the legislation was fiercely opposed by teachers’ unions and many Democrats, who saw it as a swipe at traditional public schools. The Florida Democratic Party already has released a statement blasting this year’s efforts, which is rare because the bill has not yet received a committee stop.

Mr. Dixon forgot to mention that every parent group in Florida from the P.T.A. to Fund Education now was also against the parent trigger. Matt should have written, it was fiercely opposed by teachers’ unions, Democrats and all of Florida’s parent groups.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Dixon has left out that parent groups fiercely oppose the trigger legislation either. Last June he wrote, Bush, who has endorsed Bean, advocated for a proposal dubbed the "parent trigger" bill in the last session. It would have allowed parents of students attending a poorly performing public school to vote to convert it to a charter school. The bill drew heated opposition from teachers' unions.

Either he hasn’t taken the time to do the research on the bill, which is bad, or he purposely doesn’t want the general public of Jacksonville to know that parents are against the bill, which is worse.

This is what Leslie Postal from the Orlando Sentinel wrote when talking about the same subject; those issuing the statement against the bill include Fund Education Now (founded by three Orlando Moms) and the Florida PTA as well as five other parent groups from around the state. She didn’t mention teachers’ unions or democrats at all in her piece.

The reality of the situation is Florida Legislation is only about parental choice as long as parents make the choice they want them to.

Chris Guerrieri
School teacher

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