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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The hypocrisy of the Charter School movement

Let me tell you about a little charter school in Sarasota. They were so poor they barely kept their kids, um, err, equipped with basic school necessities. Sorry, I was doing a Beverley Hillbillies rift there. The parents got together and decided that they were paying Imagine Charter schools too much in management fees and this led to a lack of resources that was really detracting from the quality of education that their children were getting. So they voted to get rid of the management company. Sounds suspiciously like the Parent Trigger bill that the Florida Legislature is trying to push down people’s throats if you ask me.

What did the management company do? They sued. They didn’t say, well the parents are making a choice about the education of their children so we'll back off. They sued. They didn’t say we’ll reduce the management fees which take money out of the classroom and put it into the pocket of board members. They sued. They basicaly said, parent choice, schmarent choice, we'll do what we want, and they sued.

To be honest I don’t have much sympathy for the parents after all charter schools steal resources from public schools but I do find this battle interesting. It shows the hypocrisy of the charter school movement.

Bob Sykes of Scathing Purple Musings has done several pieces about the battle between these charter school parents and the management company. To read more check out the links below:

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