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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Does Duval have union problems?

From a reader:

Talk to an AP (no union for them) and you know that the supe is a wage-bustin' man. I'm not surprised the bargaining is hard. But our steps are not keeping up with increased prices. Since the last raise, not step, in the salary schedule--7 years ago--our standard of living has been declining. 

DCPS has the money. If Vitti can purchase a major program/curriculum like i-Ready for middle school in the middle of the year, he's stashing the money somewhere. When he lays off 160 security guards in the summer, crying the no-money blues, but can add two additional to my school in the middle of the year, he's got cash in his desk drawer. I'm sure others can contribute examples.

What sours the taste in employees' mouths is DTU giving up the "salary supplement," provided by the legislature for this year, without a whimper. And frankly, some of the zone reps have an arrogance when they condescend to meet with members at building sites that people are PO'd. I know one school where the members are getting up a petition to demand a change in zone rep. She won't meet with the members but pals around with the region super. The optics are terrible. The Brady regime is under scrutiny.


  1. It appears that DTU has forgotten that without us-teachers and staff- they are out of a job, as I doubt any have the skill or desire to return to the classroom. I have observed and experienced some union reps and Ms. Brady's undeserved arrogance. Sadly, DTU can be provided with research, documentation, and analysis of administrative wrongdoing that affects hundreds of teachers and thousands of students, yet remain silent, doing nothing. More and more teachers are quitting DTU, which is just what Vitti and other anti-Union people want. Dumb DTU is playing right into their hands. It won't take long before their "political buddies" put them out of work.

  2. DTU sucks big time. At least we got the supplement last year. Not even a ham bone this year. The screw over has gained serious momentum. I hope those stuck up DTU reps are reading this blog.

  3. The writer must have the same zone rep that I do. Her child goes to school in another county. She buddies up to my principal and throws me under the bus. She's arrogant and condescending, as was the zone rep before her. Their attitude is just send us $54 a month and don't bother us with contractual issues. Without sending them money, I'll still get any step or raises that they negotiate and they still have to represent me at a hearing. So why pay people who treat me rudely? I get enough of that from admin and students. My zone rep said she was glad to be out of the classroom, so I know she hasn't forgotten what it's like. I'm quitting DTU.

  4. Another happy customer. Dtu is doing a fine job.

  5. I'm not a customer, because I receive nothing, unless lightening my wallet counts. DTU even suggested that I quit the union, rather than dealing with my problem. Outrageous!

  6. Sounds like DTU. Organized labor once made America great. DTU is a disgrace.