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Friday, January 30, 2015

School choice parent wants God to be the common denominator at her school.

From Redefined Ed:

In the Catholic publication CruxRamona Denmark describes how her children are thriving in a Tampa Bay-area ACE Academy, even though they haven’t been raised as Catholics.

“By having a common denominator, which is God,” she writes, “people can see past their differences and other barriers.”

What Romona Denmark really wants is for the public to pay for her child to attend her school where God will become the common denominator.  How does sending the school public money not violate the first amendment? It does and her statements indicate her version or another version of God will be pushed upon the students attending there. 

Here is the thing, if you want your child to get a religious education, then go for it, good luck and all the power to you but don't expect or ask the public who have many different versions of God or no version of God to pay for it. 

I think children should go to schools where learning, not God, is the common denominator.

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