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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pro School Choice (privatization) group has a chief story teller!

Sometimes Step-up for Students, the states chief voucher supplier is honest even if unintentional,

From ReDefined Ed, SUFS propaganda blog: Public school options  especially those that emphasize the arts  got a shout out from Florida’s Teacher of Year, Christie Bassett, who leads the art department at Highlands Grove Elementary in Polk County.

“When parents have more say in where their children go to school, everybody wins,” she said, adding: “We love having choices in every area of our lives. Education should be no different.”
Step Up For Students Chief Storyteller Lisa Davis contributed reporting

Wow what inspirational words from our Teacher of the Year, who must have taken a day off to come speak. We like choice when picking milk or shoes, so picking a school should be the same thing right? I hate to denigrate a teacher but how did this moron sell out get voted teacher of anything?

Anyhoo, I wanted to draw your attention to Lisa Davis, SUFS chief story teller, and since she is the chief one, it implys they have an entire team of story tellers, who contributed to the ReDefined Ed post. They need story tellers to peddle their propaganda, a team apparently. You see that's all they have, because when facts and evidence are applied to charter schools and vouchers the veneer quickly fades away.  

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