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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gary Chartrand just doesn't understand the class size amendment.

Gary Chartrand the grocer turned chair of the education board sent his kids to an exclusive private school that extolled the virtue of small and intimate classes, and no this was not the type of private school that takes the vouchers he also is trying to sell.

Gary Chartrand also thinks the class size amendment is a bad law and I have to be honest with the way the Florida legislature had gutted it, it is just a shell of its former self.

From the Tampa Times: "It's a bad law," Chartrand said. "The intentions are right, but the end results... Your electives get filled up with more kids than they should."

Chartrand wants schools to be able to submit their average class size instead of the figures for each individual classroom. (Charter schools already have that flexibility because they receive fewer capital dollars than traditional public schools.)
There is course anther option and that is to fund the amendment like the people of Florida expected them to do but of course since Chartrand never taught a day in his life and he wants to starve public schools that option hasn't occurred to him.


  1. I just got my 36th student in an academic class. Is there no limit? BTW, I only have 34 desks. We have been waiting for more desks all year.

  2. I wonder what class you are teaching. Probably high school. I wonder what the management is like with that many students. Even if you had angels it would be challenging.

  3. I have to put them in pairs to have any aisles, which are filled with 36 backpacks. When they move their desks apart to test, there is about 10" between them. Why don't they just buy a laptop for each student and send them home to do, or not do, virtual school? Public education is dying a slow death, as it probably should.

  4. Citizens of FL voted for the class size amendment. Then lawmakers, believing voters to be uninformed, put it to them again. Citizens again voted for the class size amendment. Lawmakers have now decided to just ignore class size amendment, as they have nothing but contempt for the people they supposedly represent.

  5. Is our country a representative democracy now?? Has it every really been one? A fine is supposed to be deterrent and not a feasible option!!!!! If you dont have enough teachers, slash some salaries up top, starting with Vitti and I'd bet you find the funds.

  6. Our elementary school follows the class size amendment. I can see some benefit to having more flexibility, within reason. We used to be able to set our reading or math classes up so that kids who needed more help were in smaller classes, which increased the size of some of the other classes by a couple students each, but we no longer have that option.

  7. I'm all for flexibility as that benefits the kids. I am not however in support of abuse.