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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Other large districts are giving teacher raises, will Duval?

Without comment, the Pasco County School Board unanimously approved a 2014-15 contract for teachers and school-related employees on Tuesday.

The deal provides average raises of 3 percent.

Most teachers in Orange County's public schools will get raises of $3,100 or $2,000 this year, plus an extra $1,000 bonus, according to an agreement reached Thursday between district administrators and the local teachers union.

The two-year salary agreement provides an average pay hike of 6.3 percent to more than 13,000 teachers. It also boosts starting teacher pay by $1,000 this year to $38,500 and then by another $500 the next school year.Teachers who were employed last year will get the $1,000 bonus because in the 2013-14 school year,

Look at the raises Orange County is giving. Where i would love it I don't expect anything like that but if other large counties can give raises then Duval should be able to do so too!


  1. We should get DTU on the job, oh, thats right they are in Vittis pocket.

  2. Yeah, our salaries haven't changed since August of 2013. We were supposed to go up a step in August 2014, but we are in January 2015, and we still have not gone up our step.
    Really, I can't see Duval even remotely doing this. Our base salary hasn't improved in like 7 years. Yup, I'm pessimistic.

  3. Anonymous #1: Speak only of that which you actually know, not unfounded, negative comments. You're not helping anyone, especially not your fellow union brothers and sisters. You might also consider refraining from biting the same hand that feeds you and defends you; no one else will. Solidarity!

    Anonymous #2: We were not supposed to go up a step. Steps, like all else, have to be bargained for each year between DTU and DCPS, unless we settle on a multi-year agreement. Otherwise, they are not automatic.

    All that said, I would encourage everyone to start (if you have not already been) attending DTU meetings when held at your school with your union rep, responding to surveys sent out by the union, read the emails that DTU sends you that have been providing you with collective bargaining updates, and participate in one of the upcoming meetings before ratification of our new contract. Above all, if you have an idea or a concern, bring it to your school's union rep. We can talk with you and relay the information to the DTU board.

    We go back to the table this Friday. Show some support by showing some solidarity!

    ~ Shannon Russell

    SHS Chair Union Rep and teacher of English III and ESOL
    DTU Board of Directors
    DTU Collective Bargaining Committee
    (and the only teacher who ran for school board this past year, but didn't win.)

  4. I've paid $270 in DTU dues so far this year. Just asked them to clarify a contract issue. No response after a week. Shameful. Principals ignore DTU and DTU knows it. I know one DTU big shot who sends her own child to school in a neighboring county. PEN is 1/3 the cost and they call or write back.

    1. I hear your frustration and share it though I don't think PEN is a viable option.

  5. Shannon you have to know people are very frustrated. Terrie's, there is no problem with books, comments a few months back didn't help either.

  6. Hey Shannon, why dont you poll teachers to assess member satisfaction with DTUareonyourown?

  7. Shannon, I already talked to my DTU rep. HE said we were supposed to go up a step, and it is generally understood that that is how it works. You can mince words, but we all know how it should work. Currently, it seems the union has little power, so what is the point of it? Why should I continue paying union dues, especially in Duval? DTU doesn't even have a working website and hasn't for awhile. My students have working websites; why can't DTU?

  8. DTU doesn't have a functioning website because they do not care about their members.

  9. Talk to an AP (no union for them) and you know that the supe is a wage-bustin' man. I'm not surprised the bargaining is hard. But our steps are not keeping up with increased prices. Since the last raise, not step, in the salary schedule--7 years ago--our standard of living has been declining. DCPS has the money. If Vitti can purchase a major program/curriculum like i-Ready for middle school in the middle of the year, he's stashing the money somewhere. When he lays off 160 security guards in the summer, crying the no-money blues, but can add two additional to my school in the middle of the year, he's got cash in his desk drawer. I'm sure others can contribute examples. What sours the taste in employees' mouths is DTU giving up the "salary supplement," provided by the legislature for this year, without a whimper. And frankly, some of the zone reps have an arrogance when they condescend to meet with members at building sites that people are PO'd. I know one school where the members are getting up a petition to demand a change in zone rep. She won't meet with the members but pals around with the region super. The optics are terrible. The Brady regime is under scrutiny.

  10. No step in 7 years ought to be illegal. Someone call our union, oh yeah, DonothingfortheTU is our union. Never mind.

  11. DTU has gone back into hiding. Shocking

  12. I was told my increase for (all of) last year would be on this check, it went up approx. $500.00. Seriously, is that it? If so it is about a .79% increase.