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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why is tenure good for charter schools but not good for teachers?

In 2011 Florida stripped all new teachers of work protections that were commonly referred to as tenure. Previous to that teachers after three years of quality service could earn a professional contract which they had to renew every five years. Now regardless of performance new teachers are on one year contracts and can be let go at the end of each year for any reason or for no reason as none has to be given.

It's different for charter schools. Ones that earn high performing status can receive contracts of up to 15 years up from the usual 5, though charter school contracts especially for schools that have a history of not doing well can vary.  

The reason given for the multi-year contracts for charters is that successful schools deserve to have more stability, the ability put down roots, and form community relationships or you know the same thing that we used to let and encourage teachers to do but now they cannot.

Furthermore if teachers can only have one year contracts why would we even consider giving a charter school a three, five or fifteen year contract? The damage a failing school can do, and over 260 charter schools have failed in Florida, is exponentially worse than what a failing teacher could do.

If the Florida legislature feels it is important for charter schools to have longer contracts so they can have stability then they should pay the same courtesy to teachers, they after years of successful service deserve to have some stability too.


  1. Everyone is waiting on the apocalypse, zombies or nuclear war. The apocalypse is upon us now. The destruction of the middle class via an all out assualt on unions or org labor and the public's cosiging the privatization of public school by blood thirsty corps. Its being done in plain sight.

  2. This is GREAT EVIL obtaining in this country and it will have grave consequences in time to come. God is really absent from this country except for 'on the currency'. What I am referring to is the Active Life-Giving Principle which originates from the Absolute and supports all existence on the pillar of Truth.