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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trey Csar of the JPEF says it is okay to ignore his own findings and go with school choice.

I find it ironic that when talking about school choice in the Folio Trey Csar of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund (JPEF) whose salary I remind you is paid by charter school interests and voucher supporters talks about quality choice options.,11847

Julie Delegal a Folio writer used the JPEF web-site to gather data about how local charter schools under perform when compared to public schools for an article in Context Florida. Furthermore his own report says we have no idea how private schools that take vouchers are doing because the system is set up that way. 

This isn't some public school partisan saying it, this is coming from their very own web-site and report but Csar would have you over look and ignore those facts.

The JPEF may have a role to play in local education, they have hooked up donors with teachers and drummed up interest in our schools but they should stay as far away from policy as possible because there, despite their cries that they aren't, they are as partisan as they come.

I too hope you check out their brief and their web site because this is what it says, school choice hurts pubic schools, we don't know how vouchers are doing and charters do worse, we need more school choice. That's not rhetoric that's what they say.

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