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Monday, January 26, 2015

It is the "JPEF teacher of the year" now

or at least according to WJCT it is. Today they did an article and the title is, 

Fifteen Duval County Teachers In Running For JPEF Teacher Of The   The JPEF teacher of the year, you know kind of like the Tax-slayer Gator Bowl.

I wrote the writer to ask if it was some in artful title writing, I know I have been there and done that but they didn't get back to me, but even if it is a bad title its just another example of how in Bed with the city's privatizers that WJCT is. 

They have taken their thirty pieces of silver from Gary Chartrand and can't even entertain the notion that maybe his ideas are bad for education and that his ideas hurt children and teachers despite the fact evidence says it does. They have crossed over from newscasters to shills for Chartrand's privatization anti-school teacher agenda and it is a shame.

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