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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Greg Tison plays dirty tricks, uses deceptive advertising in an attempt to suppress the vote.

Greg Tison is running this add in neighborhood editions of the Newsline, a small independent paper .

Notice anything there? It's not a republican primary on August 30th for school board it is just a primary where everyone regardless of political affiliation can vote. Furthermore school board races are supposed to be non-partisan and he has to know it. Which means with a wink and a nod he is telling people hey, looking for a republican to vote for, then I am your guy.

He joins Fischer from 2012 who not only had many of the same donors but played up his conservative street cred and remember Fischer was deceptive about his military service. Tison has joined Angela Corey and Charlie Van Zant in clay county as someone who isn't above using dirty tricks to keep turnout low.

Is this the kind of guy you want representing our schools?  A guy who will say and do anything.

Finally I just want to remind you one more time and get used to it, this guy has ran for different positions in 2012 (soil and water) and 2014 (city council) and he has taken a lot of money from people who would privatize our schools and replace them with substandard charters, and Friends that's not just me saying that, the Times Union just did too.

District 7, we have a lot riding on you and you have several solid candidates, Dern, Hershey and Tascano, so you don't even have to consider this guy.

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  1. I couldn't get the ad to show in the blog post, so here's a link to the online edition of Newsline Mandarin The add is on page 8

    Yes, this guy is really quite the politician. Shows his ignorance because parents wouldn't need so much "choice" if the local public schools were getting the funding they deserve and teachers weren't in such constant fear of the almighty TEST. I just spoke to someone that is pulling their child out of the local elementary (an A school!!) because it is very "crowded" and there is way too much "emphasis on testing"!! She said they assured her at the charter that the testing is much less stressful for the students because it won't directly effect the teacher evaluations and school grades. I was surprised she was told that directly at the charter, but these are apparently the "choices" he wants parents to have to make.
    Also, I laugh when I see all of THOSE goals lumped in with the "retaining quality teachers" crap because more of all this other nonsense is the reason the "quality" teachers want to leave!!! BTW, I am "highly effective" and have high rapport with my administrators, students, and parents, so I assume he means retaining people like me. I'm spending my summer doing the same thing I do every summer- looking for a better job!