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Saturday, June 18, 2016

School Board Candidate District 7 Melody Bolduc wants to segregate children

It's no secret where I stand on the use of restrooms by Transgender children. Segregating them is a solution without a problem. Duval County has had a policy in place since 2008 that has worked which allows children to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity a policy that now some people want to change including a candidate for the district 7 school bard race, Melody Bolduc.


 A minority of the commenters, like former teacher Melody Bolduc whose filed to run for school board, said transgender students should be accommodated on a case-by-case basis only. She’s afraid boys who aren't transgender will enter girls’ bathrooms.  
“I don’t know who here, out of all the men in this audience are willing to say, ‘You know what, I would have done some crazy things as a teenage boy.’ I am a teacher.  I have studied a great deal of adolescent psychology,” she said.

Oy vey that's a lot to unpack there. First I think the amount of men who would either admit to or were deviants when they were teenagers isn't as great as Mrs. Bouldc thinks. Also if she would have studied the policy as much as she says she studied children she should know that some kid can't just show up one day and go, hmm I think I am a girl now.  

Instead it sounds to me like she has studied a great deal of right wing fear mongering and not adolescent psychology.

Where were her complaints about the policy for the last 8 years? The answer is along with Jason Fischers they were nowhere because trans kids using the bath room they identify with wasn't a problem until those on the right decided to make it a problem.

Mrs. Bolduc is either ignorant or pandering to the bigoted and ignorant and the district 7 race is to important to consider somebody who would do either.

We do have serious problems in the district, this however is not one of them.


  1. Actually, you have it quite wrong here, sir. First of all, it would have benefited you to actually attend the School Board meeting or watch it online (since they are all recorded). You quoted a misquote. While I have studied adolescent psychology, that isn't what I said. I said, " I don't know how many of you have studied adolescent psychology…" before the red light came on, and I was out of time to finish my thought.

    I stated at the beginning of my time that I support the current School Board policy (the one in place for the last 8 years. I have said it repeatedly, and I will say it again. We MUST accommodate ALL of our students. The current policy DOES allow us to consider each student on a case by case basis. My concern was for Mr. Obama's directive, which, according to the language, would allow any student to choose any bathroom at any time. Since when does Mr. Obama or anyone of his mindset want to allow anyone to do anything without federal oversight. We had a policy that worked, and now the federal government wants to take front seat and create policies for our local schools? This should be a concern to everyone. My only concern was that Dr. Vitti's comment that we "will comply" implies that we are not complying already and that our policy could change, thereby putting children at risk.

    And, yes, sir. It may shock you that there are honest men in our community who have admitted openly that they did plenty of things without thinking as teenagers. Perhaps we should discuss the underdeveloped prefrontal cortex and how teenagers are unable to weigh decisions and consider consequences on the same level as adults. As though the middle and high school years are not confusing enough for teenagers regarding their identity, our government would like to put another high-stakes question on the table: what bathroom do you want to use? Thanks, but no thanks. We have this handled in Duval County.

    Mr. Guerrierri, please fact check yourself. In no way do I wish to segregate children. All of my opinions are clearly stated and available on my website and Facebook page.

  2. I watched it on-line before I wrote the piece. Send me the note you sent to WJCT complaining they misquoted you and I will put it up.

    That being said you have grossly mischaracterized the dear colleague letter and I only wrote about what you said. If you have a different view you should make it clear.