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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jason Fischer takes tens of thousands of dollars from Charter Schools who are financing his campaign.

Watching Guy' Grocery Games on the Food Network what really struck me was all the Jason Fischer for the Florida House commercials.

Well at the end of the commercial it says sponsored by Conservative Solutions for Jacksonville. They are not out of Jacksonville by the way. Their web-site says they are out of Venice Florida.

A quick trip to their web site shows all the usual charter school suspects.

First of all I am not a campaign expert but I didn't think super pacs could so blatantly coordinate with candidates and second even if you like charter schools do you want a candidate who has been bought and paid for by them?

It says they have one candidate that they are associated with, one, and that is Jason Fischer just showing that Fischer isn't above skirting the rules.

He should wear a Nascar style jacket so we can see just what for profit charter companies own him.


District 7 you made a terrible mistake four years ago and it is paramount that you get it right this time, out teachers and children can not afford another shill to special interests.


  1. He was suppose to come to ACHS graduation but I guess he had something more important to do.

  2. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  3. According to the Duval County homepage, the moral is better than ever....where they got that from I will never know?