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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jason Fischer resigns from school board

District 7, I am going to say it, I told you so, and you should have been a bit suspicious when he ran for the soil and water commission before he ran for school board.

This guy cared not one iota for our children, teachers and schools, he saw an opening in a right leaning district where he could play up his conservative credentials and took it. He is nothing but an opportunist of the first order and our school system and our city paid the price for it.

District 7 you have to do better this time and that means to stay as far away from Greg Tison as possible. Like in 2012 you had several good candidates unlike in 2012 the city cannot afford  for you to make anther mistake.

Update: I just get the vibe there is more to this as well. I just went to his Facebook page which reminds me of my crazy uncle's jimmy, that's lots of far right posts and there isn't a mention of him resigning from the school board.

He literally posts daily but there is nothing about this decision to stop representing the people he was elected to do, nothing.


  1. I have to agree with you that there is something else going on. It feels like there is more to this story. It could just be more time to focus on the House seat. If what I read is correct then the Governor appoints a replacement. Also, it makes all votes a possible tie with the tie breaker being the chair. I am not sure how this affects the current decision-making efforts of the current board, but the I feel like the LGBTQ community should be paying attention. I am going to the house district forum on the 23rd where he will be one of the candidates, it might shed some light on this.

  2. I was at the district today and his picture is off the wall. Problem with the Governor appointing a replacement with Chartrand the head of the State School Board Governor Scott will appoint whoever Chartrand tells him too.