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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stacie Dern, candidate for school board District 7

I have asked the school board candidates to send a statement about their qualifications and campaigns, as the come in I will post them. 

My name is Stacie Dern. I am a happily married wife and mother of three wonderful children, who is proud to call this great city of Jacksonville my home since 1977. I have known my husband over twenty years and we have raised our children to stand up for what they believe, to not back down when they sense injustice, and to work hard for their goals. I too believe in the value of working hard to accomplish a goal. The desire to be part of the system that guides policy in education, to make a difference for the teachers I admire, and to make a positive change on behalf of all students are what drives me to run as a candidate for school board district seven.

I have passion for education and believe all children can excel to their fullest potential. In the current state of public schools, students and teachers are ill equipped with the appropriate tools and our teachers have lost their autonomy to right the wrong of developmentally inappropriate practices. Stringent timelines set up for teaching to the test and the absence of true differentiation in the pedagogy of today’s classroom are my main concerns. I believe in the value of public schools and I believe in our teachers. I would like return pride and autonomy back to the arduous profession of educating our children. Teaching is not about creating products, it is not about numbers and data mining, it is about cultivating young minds to think critically and creatively. My goal as a future school board member is to work on behalf of public education to ensure every child in every school gets the education they deserve.

Contact Information:
7790 Las Palmas Way
Jacksonville, FL - 32256

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