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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jason Fischer leaves a parting present proving he is the worst of the worst

I am glad he resigned, he was a terrible school board member who used the seat to profit himself at the expense of the city's schools, children and teachers. 

He did leave us a nice parting gift which shows just how bad he is. Currently he is running a commercial where he is in a school talking about how great he has been for public education. I have just been told he is telling people it was a private education facility and that he won't name it.

If he is being honest, something he has struggled with in the past, this means he went to a private school to talk about how great he was for public schools? I personally think he is lying and it was a CUSA school and he didn't get permission from the super.

This guy will say and do anything to advance his personal aspirations.

It's good that he is gone though the damage he caused is substantial and sadly its the type of damage that the community may never come back from. 

District 7, you have to get it right this time, please vote for somebody who actually cares about our schools.

1 comment:

  1. His Facebook page is a scary place. Thank God he is gone.