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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reader blasts Shine, says, do your job!

From a long time reader and former teacher, Sue-Ann Hershey

 Mr. Shine, you do not get to demand the removal of an entry on a blog. Americans have rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.

If there are false items on a blog, it is your responsibility to notify the blogger as to what they are. Then, the blogger can research them to determine if you are correct (or wrong), which is what Mr. Guerrieri has asked of you.

If you are the offended by the phrase " pieces of silver" due to your religious belief, I suggest you write to The New York Times and complain about this article:

You, sir, are a public servant, so I suggest you get a thicker skin, stop reading blogs on the internet, and do your job so you stop being the laughing stock of our school board that you have become.

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