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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scott Shine sad to see Iranetta Wright go

Proving a broke clock is right more often than he is, Shine bemoaned the loss of Wright in the Times Union.

From the Times Union: 

Last fall, when Vitti appointed Wright chief of schools, some School Board members noted complaints about her were coming from the rank and file. Since then Wright has garnered more support on the School Board.
Board member Scott Shine said that although he is optimistic that the school district is being run by experienced, capable hands, he is concerned to lose someone like Wright.
“Ms. Wright was a strong leader and I am concerned with any cabinet level staff moving on to new opportunities,” he said “I believe any time you change a superintendent, you likely will experience an additional loss of talent. I have expressed my desire that we work hard to minimize loss of key leadership.”
While Shine is sad to see her go hundreds of teachers if not more are celebrating.

You know what really bugs me? If shine was out there doing his job, talking to teachers, he would know what type of administrator, not leader, she was. Instead he says, he is sad to see her go. Ignorance most truly be bliss.
Wright's departure gives the district a real opportunity to appoint qualified leaders whose focus is to build teachers up rather than to tear them down. 


  1. Shine is just wrong on every issue.

  2. Shine was hoping Wright would be interim til they could appoint Addison Davis six months or more likely a year from now. With a year under his belt in Clay they'll play the "experience" card. It's all about "stability" with Shine just not the kind we need.

    Listen to AD's interview on'll notice he doesn't say no to the job.

  3. I say ding dong the witch is gone! You only had to be in her presence for a minute and if you know anything about what it takes to be a leader you would see she has none of those qualities. She is a bully who is full of herself. Vitti always does this. Remember how many Duval people lost their jobs when he came? He replaced those people with Miami people who almost all left when they saw the ship sinking .

  4. We all know people who if you say "Up", they'll say "Down" just because. Well, that's how Scott Shine is when teaching professionals with years of experience in the classroom express their opinions on how things should be. I live in District 2 (voted for Sam Hall in 2014) but when I email Shine I never say I am a retired teacher as he will dismiss my comments out of hand, not that he doesn't do that anyway.