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Friday, June 9, 2017

The difference between Becki Couch and Scott Shine

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  They are both on the school board but how they approach the job is very different. As Governor Rick Scott is about to sign the public school kneecapping HB 7069 Becki Couch thought it was a good idea to travel to Tallahassee to lobby the governor to veto the bill with a few dozen other education leaders and activists.

Scott Shine on the other hand is shrugging his shoulders and writing editorials saying, you know it wouldn't be the worse thing to have some of our schools close because union teachers would lose their jobs.

Couch fights for our district while Shine treats the job like it was just a line on his bucket list and proposes dismantling the district.

Thank You Mrs. Couch and Shame on you Mr. Shine.


  1. Thank you Becki Couch. Who is running against Shine? The problem is anyone who is an educator and understands that their primary concern should be for children can't afford to enter the race. Shine only cares about his agenda. Our primary reason for existing is yo serve children, when we lose sight of that we will cease to exist. Scott Shine doesn't care about this because his purpose is to serve himself.

  2. If the charter school champions can put out this editorial then why are we still debating it....

    While this newspaper’s editorial board has consistently supported charter schools as a matter of choice, the charters need to have similarly high standards and accountability