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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What to remember about school grades

Via Facebook

Florida DOE has released school grades today, so you will see a lot of references on social media for the next few days. While you are reviewing this data, here are some things to keep in mind (via Donna Yates Mace ):
Whatever the grades might be, it's important to remember several things:

1 - The state changes the scale every year to suit their political purposes. It is a moving target.
2 - School grades offer parents a false sense of security. Children at D and F schools can and do receive a good education.
3 - They are not "easily understandable" like this press release claims. The formula is complex and utilizes invalid and unreliable data.
4 - Scores are based on 3-6 hours worth of testing, not 180 days worth of work.
5 - We can predict a school's score by their socioeconomic status just as well as any manipulated, fraudulent formula. That should set of alarms for everyone who cares about ALL children receiving a free and appropriate education.
Now that you know this, what can you do?

1 - #OptOut of high-stakes, standardized testing. Deny the state the data so they can not use it against our hard-working students and teachers.
2 - Vote for local and state representatives who want what's best for children, not their pocket book or political ambitions.
3 - Share this message to help keep your community informed.
h/t Jennifer Sabin

Want to see your school's grade? Follow the link below

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  1. Some interesting changes this week despite school grades being up in one region the region chief was demoted while other people who had worse grades got seems like this interim is like Trump just change everything even when some things were working. Also getting Schultz center back when there was no follow up or accountability. Hopefully the PD offered will be evaluated by the new director.