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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The easily offendable Scott Shine

Oy vey

This morning I received a note from Mr. Shine sent from his school board email and forwarded to Sonnita Young (a really bully move), the district's people's person. It was about a piece that I wrote just last night, taking about his apparent support of the disastrous House Bill 7069.

Mr. Guerrieri,

The article you posted below contains many false statements that are contradictory to the published written record.  In addition, I find the comment regarding "pieces of silver" offensive to my religious beliefs.  Please remove the article from your website.

Scott Shine

I wrote him back and said, sure just point out what I got wrong. 5 hours later and I am still waiting.

Here is the thing, I wonder is Ashley Smith Juarez was offended on the multiple occasions that Scott Shine went to the press, violating board rules and norms to complain about her?

I wonder how many people in District 2 are offended by his performance as he usually sides with the privatizers and not with public education.

I have to admit I was offended when he called me a liar in Florida Politics, and maladaptive and a parasite in the Times Union. Then despite never seeing me teach nor as far as I can tell talking to any of the parents of my students or my colleagues said I shouldn't be allowed to teach, just because he disagreed with my opinion. That was a little offensive to me as well.

Put aside Mr. Shine's apparent disdain for me and realize this is a man who cannot overlook any slight be it real or imagined. He's more thin skinned than the man we currently have in the white house but worse he thinks he can say and do whatever he wants, whenever he wants but when somebody disagrees or pushes back then they are offensive. This is who is currently representing district 2.  

I personally find the way he does his job offensive, it offends both my sensibility and my morals. It offends the sanctity of the position because in my opinion, we need somebody who loves public education and will fight tooth and nail for it, not a guy who is checking a line off his bucket list and is okay with it being privatized.

So Mr. Shine I will tell you what, when you resign, I will take the piece in question down, heck I will take every piece I have ever written about you down, but I guess until then we will have to agree to disagree.

Oh and Scott, get back to me with the "many false statements that are contradictory to the published written record" and I would be glad to review things. getting things wrong is never my intent.

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  1. It's a shame Vitti didn't take Shine with him to Detroit.