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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The state stops giving Teach for America and KIPP extra tax payer dollars

I was stunned to read that Governor Rick Scott vetoed money to Gary Cartrand's pet projects Teach for America and the KIPP charter school. I couldn't help but wonder what Chartrad had done to piss him off.

From Kafkateach: up on the shocking good news from the veto list: Governor Rick Scott vetoes Teach For America Funding!
“Teach for America, Inc. – Florida (Nonrecurring Funds)
(HB 2877)  $1,403,750”
Another line item veto for the corporate education reform movement included cuts to KIPP Charter schools:
“Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Jacksonville (Recurring
Base Appropriations Project)  $500,000”
They were both vetoed under the premise that they were not part of the state’s core education mission. 
Why were we giving these two entities any extra money is beyond me. TFA gets a finders fee already to provide teachers and KIPP gets its per student rate. Why they had been getting millions beyond that while other charters and organizations hadn't is a question we should all be asking.
I wish I could say this made me optimistic about the governor vetoing the disastrous house bill 7690 but I am not. It seems like he is most likely going to sign it despite the fact it was done in secrecy at the last second and it contains more crony capitalism at the cost of our public schools in exchange for the legislature funding his pet projects, Enterprise and Visit Florida, something they did not do during the regular session.
Though to be honest after years of giving public money to TFA and KIPP I didn't see those vetoes coming.

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