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Sunday, May 12, 2019

It is time to put the canard that vouchers save kids from zip codes to bed.

Over and over school privatization proponents say that students shouldn't be stuck in zip codes that provide a poor education and that we need vouchers to save them. The problem is nothing could be farther from the truth. During the last school year less than a quarter of voucher students came from schools with D or F grades and over ten percent come from schools that have A grades.

Vouchers aren't here to save children form poor performing schools, they are here to give a religious education, an overwhelming Christian education as two thirds of the schools taking vouchers identified themselves as religious.

This saving kids is nothing but a talking point they can use because children in poorer neighborhoods, children living in poverty don't do as well as those that don't but god forbid they do something to address poverty.

You know, maybe if voucher schools did a better job than public schools we could hold our noses and shrug our shoulders but that's not the case. The problem is the most recent voucher report said the average voucher student regressed.

Why should we expect anything different from schools that can employ teachers that don't have to have degrees or certifications, and can teach whatever junk science and history that want.

Friends vouchers are not hear to improve education or save children from zip codes, and it's time the privatizers stopped pretending they were.No photo description available.

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  1. Source: Step Up for Children; data compiled by Nancy Lawther, MDCC PTA