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Friday, May 10, 2019

Shine, Brock, Hogan, and Jameson have conflicts of interests which should stop them from joining the Jacksonville Charter Commission

First Shine and Brock have both given council president Aaron Bowman money, giving off at the very least the appearance of impropriety. There are almost a million people in Jacksonville we can’t find qualified applicants who haven’t given money to Bowman? Brock by the way is a frequent donor to the republican party. If somebody can make the argument, they bought a seat on the JCC they shouldn’t be on the JCC.
The same argument could be made about Chris Hagan, who through his lobbying firms, two because one isn’t enough apparently, Hagan partners and Hagan Gillmore have given thousands of dollars to the republican establishment.
Then there is Heidi Jameson who works with Bowman at JAXUSA an arm of the chamber of commerce, who Bowman gave 4,500 dollars to during his campaign, for office space. Since Bowman works there and pays for their services as well, and with Jameson being his office mate, there are just a lot of questions and potential red flags.
The CRC should beyond reproach and a city of a million should be able to find suitable candidates who are too. Instead Council President Bowman filled it with people who have shady connections to him and that should outrage us all. 

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