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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Republican representatives bemoan testing for private schools, do absolutely nothing to help public schools.

In case you missed it, the mist devastating for public education, legislative session in history ended two weeks ago. During it they passed a bill letting private schools take directly from the public coffers, money for vouchers and did nothing to stem the over accountability through testing that public schools face.
Now that you are caught up let’s see what happened yesterday,
From the Sarasota Herald Tribune,
A member of the audience pointed out that private schools do not have the same accountability measures imposed on public schools, including the same testing requirements.
Both (Representatives) Robinson and Gregory argued that there is too much testing in public schools, and said that they would rather scale that back than impose new testing requirements on private schools that enroll voucher students.
“I don’t think the answer is to take these ridiculous burdens and apply them to everyone,” Gregory said.
 Um, do you know what representatives Robinson and Gregory did to scale back the testing going on in Public schools while voting for tens of millions more in vouchers at schools where there is no testing? Absolutely nothing, then they have the chutzpah to say public schools are tested too much. If the republicans in Tallahassee didn’t have corruption and hypocrisy, then they wouldn’t have anything.
The republican party’s goal is to dismantle public education and at this point there can be absolutely no doubt about it.

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