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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Council President Aaron Bowman’s dreadful charter review commission picks.

Aaron Bowman’s dreadful charter review commission picks.
First, who is Aaron Bowman, well currently he is the president of the city council and represents district 3, (Atlantic and beach heading towards the beach.
Next, what’s the charter review commission, well it’s a once a decade group that reviews everything Jacksonville and makes recommendations to change things. The last go around their big recommendation was to make the school board all appointed something or something similar I am sure will happen this go around.
That out of the way let’s talk about some of the horrible recommendations he made.
First there is Scott Shine the worst and most unprepared school board member in recent memory, seeing the writing on the wall he didn’t run for reelection, instead he joined a pro privatization group which is looking to dismantle public education.
Then there is Nick Howland the Scott Shine look alike who wanted to replace him on the school board and who despite raising tons of money lost by 18 points to former teacher Elizabeth Anderson. Hmm makes you wonder what Bowman saw that the beaches didn’t.
Then there is special interest lawyer Lindsey Brock who according to the Times Union “has been active in organizations related to the port. Geeze Louise I wonder whose interests he is going to look out for?
Next there is lobbyist for the Northeast Florida builder’s association Chris Hagan and nothing screams looking out for the little guy like lobbyist for builders.
Then there is Heidi Jameson whose chief qualification seems to be she works in the same office at JAXUSA with Bowman.
Throw in Bowman’s BFF on the council Matt Schelenberg who has done nothing for public education but complain about it when the superintendent finally said enough is enough and had the audacity to ask the city to start paying its fair share and Frank Denton the retired editor at the Times Union who wrote one piece after another that supported the privatization of our schools and privatizers like Gary Chartrand and we have a recipe for, hmm, what’s greater than disaster?
Bowman’s pick are both shameful and dreadful. The charter commission is supposed to be a serious exercise to improve the city, not staffed with a bunch of hacks who want to privatize public ed and serve special interests.
For shame Bowman, for shame.

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