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Friday, May 31, 2019

Charters hire temps and subs to act as teachers, who would have thought charter schools would put profits ahead of children? A lot of us did!

Renaissance Charter schools run by Johnathan “I had a yacht named fishing for schools” Hage made the news for hiring temp workers and substitutes to teach the students that attend the schools.
From the Palm Beach Post:
At one Renaissance campus more than a third of teachers had no state certification, The Post found.
Renaissance Charter Schools grew into Palm Beach County’s largest charter school chain with seven years of promises about cutting-edge classrooms and innovative teaching.
But as the schools market themselves to parents with personalized lessons and extended school days, their classrooms are staffed with an extraordinary number of temporary and uncertified teachers, a Palm Beach Post investigation found.
Renaissance’s six Palm Beach County schools reported last year that more than a quarter of their full-time instructors were low-paid substitute teachers – more than 30 times the state average for traditional public schools and charter schools.
At least 20 percent of the schools’ teachers were not certified by the state to teach, The Post found, even though state law generally calls for public school teachers to be certified.
At one Renaissance school west of Lantana, more than a third of the teachers had no state certification last year, while at another campus west of West Palm Beach nearly a quarter had none.
The reliance on long-term substitutes can save money at Renaissance’s six county schools — which educate 4,600 students from West Palm Beach to Wellington — since their substitutes earn less than permanent, certified teachers.
It can also boost profits for the management company that operates the schools, Charter Schools USA, which hires the teachers and charges a management fee that can increase as the schools’ finances improve.
But the use of uncertified teachers — most with little to no formal training or teaching background — denies students access to lessons by trained and experienced educators, something experts say can harm students’ ability to learn.
Anybody want to bet this is common at all the renaissance charter schools and charter schools in general?
Children get short changed when schools put profits over their education and the bottom line is for profit charters care more about the bottom line than children. It’s despicable
To read more about Hage, click the link:

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