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Friday, May 31, 2019

The greed of the Hage for profit charter empire exploits children and teachers and knows no bounds

Do you ever wonder how these people sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror? I get people want to be rich but how they can justify becoming so by exploiting teachers and children is pretty gross and the grossest of all might just be the Hages.
In Florida Johnathan Hage runs the renaissance charter schools where it was revealed they often hire temps or subs instead of teachers in their schools
His wife Sherry Hage runs an organization that manages charter schools, for I am sure tax and to maximize profit reasons, not named renaissance and was brought in to run several charter schools in Tennessee that while stiffing its teachers used its facilities to make even more money, because apparently charter school greed knows no end.
From the Tennessean,
Knowledge Academies charter school has operated with a large deficit, occasionally failed to pay teachers on time and slipped into financial turmoil while its CEO ran side businesses out of its Antioch school building.
Understaffing at the school forced teachers to regularly take on extra students, while long-term substitutes without teaching licenses filled in as if they were full-time staff.
Staffing shortages meant that English-learning and learning disability requirements were frequently not fulfilled.
Teachers say the staffing, financial problems and cavalcade of issues centering around school leadership created a culture of disorganization and made classroom instruction extremely difficult.
Art Fuller, the top official at Knowledge Academies, which runs a middle school and high school, was fired last month after the board said it learned of financial and academic problems. According to state standardized test scores, Knowledge Academies has produced poor academic results.
Over the last four weeks, The Tennessean interviewed seven current or former Knowledge Academies teachers and its board chairman and reviewed public tax records, budget documents and internal memos to gain an understanding of Knowledge Academies' operation. The teachers discussed the environment at Knowledge Academies on the condition of anonymity because they feared for their jobs or for losing the severance money they'd been promised.
Friends above was just a taste of the article that you should fully read, it talked about its huge deficits, how they hired a chef to teach culinary classes but in reality just cooked and they sold the food and then never paid them. About how teachers were forced to photocopy text books and a bizarre phishing problem. It’s bizarre, sad and infuriating.
So what does Sherry Hage say when she sees this mess? Not shut it all down which is what should happen, but how can I make money.
Also from the Tennessean,
To address its array of problems, the board of directors for Knowledge Academies hired Noble Education Initiative, which runs several charter schools across the country.
Bristol said NEI has not been paid a fee, but a “reasonable and competitive management fee will be included in next fiscal year’s budget.”
Under the board’s agreement with the nonprofit agency, NEI will be in charge of running the school.
Um by nonprofit they mean teachers, contractors and everybody but Sherry Hage.

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