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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Bowman insulted the city when he recommended Shine and Howland for the charter review commission.

Friends the fix is in. I have no doubt that the mayor will try and take over the school board bolstered by a handpicked charter review commission that will suggest giving him control. Democracy is being robbed from us in slow motion. Bowman put Shine and Howland on the commission for one reason and that's for them to vote for a mayoral takeover of our schools.
Curry by the way was reelected with about 15 percent of the popular vote. Yes he did when and we should acknowledge that but he didn’t win with a mandate to blow the system up, something Scott Shine definitely wants to do.
Perhaps the least prepared and most disagreeable school board member in recent memory, Shine seeing his defeat as being inevitable chose not to run for reelection. Since his term mercifully came to an end he has ratcheted up his calls for the privatization of our schools and called for a two term limit on school board members, and yes our members are already term limited but he wanted that to spread across the state. To be honest I am all for two terms being the limit, unlike Shine I think it’s better that each locality decides for themselves. This is one of the guys that should be ushering the city into a new era? It’s beyond laughable that he should be on the CRC.
Howland was Shines handpicked successor who ran a morally ambiguous campaign where he courted republicans and charter school supporters and despite the fact he raised an absurd amount of money lost to a former teacher with no political experience, by 18 percentage points. He was overwhelmingly rejected by his community yet for some reason Bowman thinks he would be a great fit on the CRC? More likely it is because of his anti-public education views and apparent willingness to dismantle the system.
Both of these picks are embarrassingly bad and insulting and there was only one reason they were made and that's to set up the take over of the school board.

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