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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DCSB member Betty Burney gets it right

I have been a frequent critic of Betty Burney and I think since day one she has been on the wrong side of the, “what to do with the intervene schools” issue. I believe handing them over to an EMO was the best of all bad options, seemingly made just a little better by the fact the EMO they chose was both a non-profit and made up of community leaders.

Fast forward and now the EMO we contracted is handing the schools over to another EMO and their chief applicant has a dubious record and is not from the city. Right then the School Board should have pulled the plug.

Mrs. Burney along with Paula Wright and Tommy Hazouri voted not to go any farther with Duval Partners while the rest of the members apparently have had their heads buried in the sand and were unaware of the recent developments. That might not be so hard to believe because as organizations go Duval Partners has been amazingly secretive (more on that soon).

Like I said I have been critical of Mrs. Burney but when she gets it right, she gets it right.

If you care about education here in Jacksonville these are troubling times.

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