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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Duval County Schoolboard, clueless or really clueless

Within the course of a week the Duval County school board went to a two day beach retreat and canceled a speaker who would have cost the district twenty-five thousand dollars. Is there any wonder why the city is losing patience with them and their leadership? How don’t they understand that during this devastating financial crisis, having these perks isn’t going to turn the city off?

I believe our schools are underfunded and unlike the school board I am in the trenches and see the needs going unmet but how can I tell people with sincerity about our budget crisis when the board is lounging it up at the beach and bringing in education celebrities at twenty-five thousand a pop.

Furthermore if they didn’t understand how bad this would look how can I be confident they will have any understanding about the problems in our schools? The answer is I can’t.

Finally I don’t care if some private fund or they paid for it themselves that is irrelevant. Perception is reality and the reality is they are turning off the city and doing so holds our kids back. How about next time they just meet in the board room and throw their speaker and resort money to the Ed White girls tennis team they can use it. Well if there is an Ed White girl’s tennis team after all the budget cuts that is.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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