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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jacksonville's schools may have a cheating problem

The erasure rate was at a "level of erasures that would be expected to occur once in a trillion times when tests are taken under standardized conditions," according to the memo, which was dated June 9.

Is that what it takes to start an investigation into cheating, once in a trillion? Do they ignore all the once in a billion and once in a million times? Does once in a hundred thousand not rate and is once in ten thousand times laughable?

This is troubling but when people’s livelihoods and the ability to feed their children are on the line people will do things they might not otherwise do. Like change an answer on a test.

The article says the District has 15 days to investigate and respond; how they will do so with teachers and children scattered in the wind is beyond me but until then I will hope this is just one of those once in a trillion occurrences.

Some of above was taken from a Times Union piece about the topic; to read the whole piece, paste below into your web browser.

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