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Monday, June 27, 2011

It turns out tenure isn’t dead in Florida after all

It turns out tenure isn’t dead in Florida after all, if you are a charter school that is.

John Thrashers bill to make running and expanding charter schools was signed by the governor today. Basically it says high performing schools get 15-year contracts. From now on high performing teachers get one-year contracts. The bill also says if the charter schools get a high performing evaluation for three years they can expand and add grades easier. Teachers from now on if they get high performing evaluations for three years can be released in the forth without a reason given.

There are some things that the public should know about charter schools. They pick and choose whom they take and often do no better or worse than their public school counterparts who have to take anyone who shows up.

Many charter schools are for profit, which means instead of all the money going to educate the children some goes to fill corporate coffers and who is paying that money? Well the public of course.

Charter schools can also be run remotely. You think it is hard to get in touch with a school official or member of the board now? Well imagine if they were based out of Maryland.

This is another attempt by the state government to dismantle the public education system in Florida. To privatize it so their friends can get a piece of the education pie.

We should all be alarmed.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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