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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Duval Partners for Excellent Education are off to a very rough start

To say Duval Partners were off to a rocky start would be insulting to rock quarries.

For some reason they thought secrecy was the way to go and they have been a group that has preferred to meet in the shadows and dole out information like it was a national secret. They don’t have a web site nor do they have physical or e-mailing addresses either.

They haven’t asked the community for their input and neither have they talked to the staffs at the schools they may be charged in taking over. Remember too that professional educators do not make up this group. No they are business and community leaders though if this is how they do things I am not sure how they received that designation.

If this group is going to have any chance at being successful (though now it seems like they are trying to pass the buck and sub contract another EMO) they must get buy in from the community and staffs of the school something thus far they don’t seem very interested in acquiring.

If this is their way of doing things more tough times are in store for our intervene schools and their leadership will be short lived.

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