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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Times Union says North Side schools are hopeless

Just look at the headline; KIPP school gives hope to North side. Was that side of town hopeless before? Does the Times Union think everybody north of Beaver street is in trouble?

Here is the truth about the KIPP School that was left out of the story. Kids are attending a state of the art school, where their parents are required to be involved and the children receive about a nine weeks worth of extra instruction throughout the course of the year and despite all this they performed worse than their poor hopeless public school counterparts.

The headline should be, public schools are a much better value than KIPP schools. Imagine how great our public schools would be if we put the same resources into them that we do the KIPP schools.

Charters even the ones who get extra resources like the KIPP school, who can choose who they take and keep and who can put requirements on their students parents do not perform better than their poor hopeless public school counterparts who have to take whoever shows up at their doors. I wonder when that editorial will be written.

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