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Monday, June 27, 2011

Duval Partners for excellent education betrays community

It turns out during all these secret meeting the Duval partners were having over the past few months they weren’t just replacing members that were jumping ship but they were looking for an education management organization to take over the schools should they have to. If you just said, what and looked around confused, you are not the only one. It seems the non-profit EMO that our school district was going to hire is in the process of hiring a for profit EMO to do they job non-profit EMO was supposed to do. They call this subcontracting; I call this, well why did we go with Duval Partners in the first place?

If Duval Partners is not up to the task and it is a formable task there is no shame in that. However instead of passing the buck and creating an additional level of management and diverting funds away from the schools to pay for this, they should just say so and bow out. Them bringing in outsiders to do the job they were supposed to do is tantamount to a betrayal of the school district but even worse a betrayal of the community.

I thought the chances for them succeeding were slim to begin with but all the chances they had were because they were part of the community and as a result would have a good basis for finding out what those schools need to improve. What they don’t need to improve is an out of town for profit EMO coming in and running things.

Duval Partners if this is your plan bow out and do so gracefully, nobody would fault you. But bow out quickly because time is running out and the kids that go to those schools deserve a chance even if it is just a slim one.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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