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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

When will Duval County fight back against House Bill 7069?

Other school districts are. Broward County just appropriated 25 k to do so because their legal counsel said it violated the following provisions.

From the Tampa Times:

- Violates the state's constitutional requirement that bills focus on a single subject, by encompassing more than 60 separate measures.
- Circumvents the constitutional mandate that school boards operate, control and supervise all public schools in their district, with the creation of a separate "schools of hope" charter school system.
- Violates the constitutional rules regarding ad valorem taxes for schools, with the requirement that districts distribute a portion of their capital funding tax revenue to charter schools.
"Although I believe this is a full and accurate review of the legislation, I am sure there are additional details and nuances that would further support the position that a Constitutional challenge is an appropriate action to take at this time," Broward general counsel Barbara Myrick wrote to the board.
Why hasn't Duval County decided to push back as well? School Board members Couch and Hershey along with new Superintendent Willis have all been very vocal with how devastating this bill will be, heck even the Times Union in a moment of clarity came out against it.

In fact only school board member who has openly supported the bill is Scott Shine and he did so because he said a benefit would be certain teachers would lose their job. Yes, folks that's right, he in an op ed in the Beach's Leader said teachers losing their jobs was a good thing.

However Shine can't alone be gumming up the works which makes me think it's possibly the district's close relationship with Gary Chartrand who undoubtedly supports the bill. Though perhaps it is district counsel Karen Chastain who I personally wouldn't let fix a parking ticket for me who has shown some reservations as she did when instead of fighting back against the proliferation of charter schools she threw up her hands and said it wasn't worth doing so, a position other school districts have also disagreed with.

Whatever the reason the board has been hesitant to do something it's past time they decided to join the good fight. This bill is the worst of the worst and should not go unchallenged by our school board. The fate of the districts, teachers, schools and children are at risk and that is not hyperbole that is the reality of the situation.

Come on school board it's time for you to do your job and stand up against those who would dismantle our schools.


  1. They are all cowards. That's why.

  2. If this bill said they had to be volunteers or could not involve themselves in any education endeavors that are for profit they would be beating down the doors in Tallahassee. They care about their personal pocket books and not about a fair and equal education for all children. Charter schools getting money from the public school coffers is not the answer. If you want to give money to charters then increase the pot. They took money when the lottery came to Florida and bragged about all the money they gave to education, this will be more of the same BS. It will look like more but that is becusse it is going to the pockets of for profit companies. Some of which are connected to our board.

  3. They think about their own wallets and not about a reasonable and equivalent training for all youngsters. Contract schools getting cash from the government funded school coffers is not the appropriate response. In the event that you need to offer cash to sanctions at that point increment the pot. They took cash when the lottery came to Florida and boasted about all the cash they provided for training, this will be business as usual BS