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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Becki Couch calls out Gary Chartrand and the board of the QEA

Gary Chartrand had a tantrum in the paper today when some if his ill advised pet projects appeared on the chopping block. Becki Couch who apparently doesn't have time for his childish behavior called him out.

From the Times Union:

Several Duval School Board members said Florida’s newly signed education law also forces the district to cut nearly all department funding and to reel back or eliminate other valuable district programs.
“It seems pretty clear that we’re limited in funding,” Couch said. “If we have an increase in one area, we’ll have a decrease in another. You have to decide what you’re willing to give up.”
Couch and other Board members said QEA leaders could have helped the district’s lobbying effort in Tallahassee to block the new education law. They said few QEA leaders lent their support and political influence in that effort.
“We needed their help on this and we needed people to use their politic connections to support us,” Couch said.
Few local QEA leaders stepped up, to her knowledge, she said. One exception was Michael Ward, newly retired CSX CEO, who wrote a letter to Gov. Rick Scott
Chartrand said QEA leaders decided to “stay out of” the political battle. “We’re not a political organization; we’re here to help fund things that work. They’ve got their own lobbyist,” said Chartrand, who personally contributes tens of thousands of dollars to political campaigns and action committees.
Um what the beep?!? Gary Chartrand isn't political??! This grocer bought himself a seat on the state board of education and he and his family has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to mostly far right and education hating candidates.

This guy is incredible! Look up chutzpah and you will find a picture of him. He's trying to stay out of the political battle, ugh, that is laughable.

Chartrand is the villain of the story who uses his money as a club not to help education but to get what he wants.

Thanks Mrs. Couch for pointing out Chartrand's hypocrisy.

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  1. With "friends" like these who needs enemies? Let them take their ball and go home.