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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scott Shine is all over the map when talking about the district's budget. Looks like he doesn't know what he is talking about.

First District 2, we need to have a come to Jesus moment. You voted for this guy and sure he had name recognition and more money than all his opponents combined but he also lacked the knowledge and ability to do his job. You have to do better.

Think I am being to harsh? Continue reading and then let me know if you feel the same.

In the Times Union when talking about a budget shortfall and dipping into the district reserves to cover it. 

Duval Board member Scott Shine said he believes the district should not endanger future private donations by failing to find a few hundred thousand more for QEA programs. “I think it’s important to maintain that relationship,” he said. “I’d like us to do what we can to fund the programs …. We’re only a couple hundred thousand dollars away.”
He also predicted that state funding will improve for districts next year.
He says this year is just a blip, well here is what he said just a few weeks ago.
 He calls the budget shortfall created by HB 7069 catastrophic, not that he didn't say he supported it anyway because union teachers will lose their jobs. He didn't say, oh don't worry, it's just a bump in the road like he did in the Times Union.
Then before that in News4Jax, he didn't think there would be any shortfall at all.
On Friday, Scott vetoed the $11.4 billion share of the Legislature's budget that funded public education. The veto came after education advocates said the Legislature had not provided enough money for public schools in the new budget.
That veto means lawmakers will have to pass a new Florida education finance program bill during next week's special session. Scott and legislative leaders have agreed to add $215 million to the program, increasing per-student spending by some $100 in the coming academic year.
“That should offset, completely, the financial impact that this bill (HB 7069) is going to have on the district,” Duval County Public School Board member Scott Shine told News4Jax Saturday. “We still have the other things in the bill to deal with, but the crisis, in my opinion, was the financial shortfall. It could've been anywhere from $8 million to $30 million, and that would have really put the district and a critical situation.”
Here everything is fine.
On the subject of our budget he says three different things, it's catastrophic (but okay since union teachers will be fired), it's a bump in the road, and we have nothing to worry about and will have plenty of money. 
It turns out he was only off by about 12 million
OY VEY!!!!!!!
District 2, you have to do better.

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  1. What's $12M to Scott Shine? Chartrand has that in the cushions of his couch.