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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another district joins the HB7069 lawsuit. Why hasn't Duval? One word Chartrand

Today St. Lucie joined the law suit against the public school killing HB 7069.

From TCPalm:  ST. LUCIE COUNTY — The School District is joining the fight against recently passed education reforms. 

School Board members on Tuesday unanimously agreed to jump into a lawsuit, proposed by the Broward County district, challenging the constitutionality of House Bill 7069, a sweeping education bill that has been widely criticized by superintendents, teachers and parents statewide.

Duval sadly has not joined in on the law suit and I think I can explain why in one word, Chartrand.

Look how deferential the board is to the man even after he basically tried to blackmail them by threatening to withhold donations if they didn't do what he wanted them to do. 

From the Times Union:

Board Chairwoman Paula Wright said they tried to meet the QEA’s request to the best of the district’s abilities. She said she hopes to set up a joint meeting between the QEA and the district boards.
“We value the QEA partnership and understand that their commitment and dedication to children is genuine,” she said.
Duval Board member Scott Shine said he believes the district should not endanger future private donations by failing to find a few hundred thousand more for QEA programs. “I think it’s important to maintain that relationship,” he said. “I’d like us to do what we can to fund the programs. …. We’re only a couple hundred thousand dollars away.”
He also predicted that state funding will improve for districts next year...
(Warren) Jones said the district’s top leaders should meet with QEA board members, hash out differences and explain their rationale.
“It is sad that it has gotten to this point,” he said. “The QEA board has done tremendous work in our community and they are to be commended for their philanthropy…. Unfortunately we have a limited budget to operate with.”

I believe Chartrand, undoubtedly a supporter of 7069 has the school board running scared and that is why they are not opposing it.

Gary Chartrand, a grocer by trade, while the district is going through a budget shortfall, tried to blackmail the board and instead of telling him to go ^%$& himself, several members of the board, two of which received money from Chartrand are bending over backwards to placate him and his thugish behavior. That is unacceptable.
The board and I mean other than just Couch and Hershey need to recognize they represent the people of Jacksonville not this millionaire who sent his children to expensive and exclusive private schools and who doesn't even live in the city.
Come on School Board send this guy packing, his donation is not worth the cost.


  1. Chartrand runs this town. He knows it. They know it. Everyone knows it. Hell Ashley Smith Juarez used to run his board but I would like to see Scott Shine singing the sun will come out tomorrow.

  2. Update: Avossa is urging PBC Board to join the lawsuit.