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Monday, July 24, 2017

Who won't Scott Shine throw under the bus?

At the school board meeting to discuss joining or initiating a lawsuit against the state of Florida for the disastrous, public school kneecapping, crony capitalism endorsing House Bill 7069, Mr. Shine said the members of the Jacksonville delegation were uninformed as to what was in the bill and that they were afraid of speaker of the house Richard Corcoran. He basically called the members of the Jacksonville delegation at best ignorant and gutless. he called one of these men, Aaron Beam a friend of his.

He basically through these men under the bus and it got me to thinking, who else has he thrown under the bus.

Immediately Ashley Smith-Juarez comes to mind. During her term as chair of the board Scott Shine went behind her, and the boards back several times last fall when he thought she was trying to force former superintendent Vitti, violating board procedures and norms when doing so..

Then there are his constituents. Shine supported the creation of a charter school run by the for profit entity CUSA in district 2, despite their track record in Duval which is mixed at best, the fact district 2 already has great schools and the new school will siphon resources away from them and the fact Vitti said he wouldn't have allowed the school open up in a less affluent neighborhood, gosh I hope no poor kids go there. None of this made a difference to Shine.

Finally he attempted the throw the district's teachers under the bus, or the majority of them anyways. Shine says he did a study which indicated union teachers of which 56% of the district's teachers are did worse than non union teachers and it would be a "strategic advantage' for them to be fired. You know because he believes union teachers suck and everything wrong in education is the fault of unions.

Full disclosure in case the lawsuit cowboy wants to send me a threatening email or have an attorney do so, that part in bold is just my opinion based on what I have seen and heard from him, as far as I can tell he has never used those exact words.

Teachers, his constituents, children, well poor children, his colleague and the Jacksonville delegation, of which he calls at least one member a friend have all been thrown under the metaphorical bus by Shine.

District 2 his term will be up before you know it and you have to do better.

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