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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

If a republican politician in Tallahassee is talking, they are probably lying, enough is enough

Via Facebook, by Julie Delagal 

In 2007, Charlie Crist's education budget allotted $7,126 in per pupil dollars. According to the US Dept. of Labor's CPI calculator, it would cost $8,377.89 to buy the same value in today's dollars that $7,126 bought in 2007. 

The Space Coast Daily reports that the Governor signed a budget THIS YEAR, ten years later, with a per pupil figure of $7,296. 

When we plug that 2017 number into the calculator to see how it compares to the 2007 figure, we get $6,205.78. In actuality, the per pupil funding is going backwards for Florida's schoolchildren, despite claims of "record funding" by lawmakers, who would misdirect our attention to the aggregate figure. We have more students, not more money

It is sad to say but if a republican politician in Tallahassee is speaking, there is a good chance he is lying. 

The anti-education politicians in Tallahassee often speak of blowing up the status quo, but the real status quo is how republicans have been completely in charge of our state government for nearly 20 years, COMPLETELY in charge. That is the status quo we must end.

Are there problems in education? Definitely but most in Florida have been caused by the republican party who chronically under funds education, is more concerned about rewarding their campaign donors, undermines local control, ignores poverty, blames and handicaps the teaching profession  and engages in crony-capitalism, isn't enough enough?

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